What You Make of It

We have all met countless individuals who have been born into situations that one would deem “unlucky” (poor health, tragic family situations…). The knee jerk instinct to categorize the circumstances of life that are unpleasant or difficult as “unlucky” is absurd and unfair to the so called unlucky individuals. We summarize what we assume to know of their life to be unlucky based on what we see on the surface or what we THINK is some impossible hardship because we are narrow minded and have grown too comfortable with the ideas we believe make up a good life.

We think that in contrast we are much better off when in truth those who haven’t ever endured serious difficulties lack a strength that can only be obtained by at one time or another being “unlucky”.Those individuals I have met who in some way lack certain things that are part of the conventional modern idea of a decent life are often happy, tough, optimistic people who make the best out of hard times and keep persevering without harping on said hard times. It’s humbling to be in the presence of such people.

So often we are fixated on a shallow idea of what is needed for a happy life and disregard the fact that difficult periods are essential in moving our lives forward and making changes. Falling on hard times makes you appreciative of all the good around you. It gives you grit and courage and the ability to trust that things will turn around because you will find a way to make it so.

What I have taken away from the “unlucky” is that Life is what we make of it.