Everyone’s a walking mirror that doesn’t know what we reflect until we see a reflection unlike our own.

Weak people fear lives that don’t resemble their own. The weak manifest fear as hate and to manage the terror they push away the people that are too different for them to bother to understand because when you surround yourself with your one category of human and only that one category, you get the illusion that you are significant and enduringly so.

Is there anything more egotistical and sad?

With the ever growing rash of violence, hate and racism in the US a feeling of extreme divisiveness has taken hold of our societal psyche. Shootings, campus rapes and racial profiling combined with the toxicity of Trumps presidential campaign have cast a shadow on my soul. I know I’m not alone in this,  yet with each day I feel as though my sentiments on the current state of our society become increasingly outlying.

I live near a public city elementary school. Every morning on my walk to work I pass the school. I see parents dropping off their children. Out of a shiny new Lexus a boy hops out quickly with a short wave goodbye. An East African mother with two small kids walks them to the entrance of the building. A dad who looks way too young to be the father of his six year old daughter hugs her goodbye. Around the corner of the school the special needs bus is greeted by the teachers of the children who are spilling out onto the concrete ramp that leads to their class room. These kids always seem absolutely thrilled to be arriving at school, all smiles and bouncy laughter. Families, kids and teachers of all races and economic situations join every day. They do the same things at the same time at that same school. Different people all simply trying to start off their days right. This ritual I witness each morning reminds me that we are all just trying to get by and the differences we perceive are often times superficial. We all wake up in the morning and face ourselves in front of a mirror we just have to stare back intently to see our humanity reflected in all of those around us.