Ignoring Negativity

“The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook” – Philosopher William James 
William James had it right. It’s rather amazing how other individuals can cast clouds over your mood just by being negative. Negativity can be so easily absorbed if one allows it via what I like to call “a-hole osmosis”.
Rude strangers who bump into you without apologizing, a friend who cancels plans last minute, or a crabby coworker who gives you dagger eyes when you bump into each other in the elevator. If you do not manage to overlook these grievances that you so despise and are on the receiving end of you may end up sending out that same nasty energy to those around you.

I’m certainly not advocating that you ignore when people seriously mistreat you! But letting the smaller stuff constantly get to you can create toxic anger. When someone does you wrong we must remember: Most people aren’t mean as much as they are weak. Weak people do bad things, selfish things, and reckless things because more often than not it’s just easier for them. So next time you are up in arms over someone being an absolute jerk to you or to others, remember how incredibly weak they truly are and take the oft ignored high road. This is something I’ve put into practice over the past several months and I aim to continue zigzagging my way through life to stay on the sunny side of the street.

In summary, ignore the haters and do you!


2 thoughts on “Ignoring Negativity

  1. Very true! One of my best friends is apt to be really negative now and then and now I have a system for it. Teasingly, I will stop her and say, “Please be a radiator, not a drain!” Ie. radiate happiness and positivity, rather than drain it away 🙂 Anyway, thanks for sharing this inspirational post xx

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