Being Obsessed With Your Dog is Okay!

I’m not about to commission a portrait of my dog Edith or try to have her cloned. I’m not that crazy! But ever since I got Edie almost 7 years ago life is just better with a dog to come home to. Particularly on days when you feel as if you’re possibly having a life crisis. Your dog is there to take your mind off whatever it is that’s bugging you in an instant, to comfort you and make you smile no matter what messed up crap you are dealing with. It’s kind of magical. Non dog owners might not get it, and maybe your friends think you spoil your pet too much, coworkers may think you are a nut when they see a framed photograph of your dog on your desk, but as a dog mom myself, I say screw them, it’s okay to be completely obsessed with your pup!

When my brothers girlfriend at the time told me her dog was having puppies and offered one up to me I was a little unsure. I never had a dog before and I was still in college, 21 and kind of a selfish brat. I didn’t know if I could properly care for a dog let alone myself! When I first met her, Edith was an overweight chihuahua puppy with floppy ears who would terrorize her siblings and I instantly fell in love with her attitude. I knew she was mine and that was it.

On her first night with me I had her sleep in her doggie bed but she woke up crying and afraid. I went to comfort her and noticed she had wet herself out of fear and perhaps realizing she was in an unfamiliar place. I scooped her up and brought her in bed with me and we have been stuck to each other since.

She’s been with me since I entered my 20’s pretty much and that means we have gone through a great deal together. Being a broke college student to moving to Georgia for a year, heartbreak and adventure, new jobs and new places. Along with my family and friends she’s been there. I sing to her when she gets freaked out by fireworks or lightning. She keeps me company and stays on her best behavior when I’m not feeling well. I’ve stayed up all night rubbing her tummy when she had a stomach bug and she’s kissed tears away and acted silly to make me smile. When they spend all of their life solely trying to make you happy, why not give your furry buddy the best friggan life you possibly can!

Dog obsessed owners unite!


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