Taking Responsibility for Your Joy

Inner turmoil and anxiety is more often than not a kind of self indulgence. I sometimes ask myself that if I was less fortunate would I even pay mind to half the things I can so easily obsess about? Sometimes you need to indulge yourself and vent and let it out, but one must also know when to let go and be present.

I’ve been working on being more mindful and reminding myself when I lose sight of what’s really important that I actually have much more control of my circumstances than I give myself credit for. Self fulfillment and happiness can be achieved if what we want and what we do are in harmony. I have been trying to live by that ideology and I wholeheartedly believe that it’s had a substantial positive impact on my life as of late.

If we CHOOSE to harness a sense of inner peace, fight back our inclination to be self-defeating, and learn to take responsibility for our joy, we can not only minimize suffering – we can choose to be a source of bliss, for ourselves and the those around us.


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