Navigating Life as a 20-Something

I enjoy thinking of life in terms of school grades. At almost 27 I’d say I’m in 5th grade. I know some life basics, I’ve gotten past my bigger insecurities and as I enter the last bit of my twenties I’m kind of feeling like a much wiser and worldly woman. Yet I still have no idea what the middle school (my thirties) stage of life will have in store.

We are all students of the World. Always learning directly or indirectly and that means experiencing a lot of ups and downs. ¬†Adventures, achievements, disillusions, romances and heart breaks. These life experiences are worth it all in the grander scheme of things. What we gain in knowledge out weighs any potential discomfort or pain and so the experience is ultimately a good one, even if at the time it wasn’t.

To me, what is the point of being here if not to absorb as much as we can? To develop and challenge ourselves, always seeking more and never growing comfortable with the idea that we actually know anything at all. I suppose that’s life in your twenties: despite feeling more “adult” you have to keep reminding yourself that you still have a lot to learn and that’s okay!


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